C.K. Massage Therapy Candace Kern

Services & Rates

Theraputic Massage 30 Minutes

$40 per

30 minute sessions are typically for target purpose massage. These sessions are also good for people who are new to massage and wish for a shorter session in the begining. 

Therapeutic Massage 60 minutes

$75.00 per Hour

Each massage is tailored to meet your needs for that session, whether it be relatxation, or to target specific "troublesome" areas.

Therapeutic massage 90 minutes

$95.00 per 90 minutes

90 minutes allows to be more thorough on target areas, while still giving a full body massage. Or the time can be spent entirely on the target. Again I tailor the session to what is best for the client.

60 Minute Massage Package

$300 per

This package you pay for 4 60 minute massages, get the 5th FREE!

90 Minute Massage Package

$380 per

This package is 4 90 Minute Massages, the 5th is FREE!